Learn from the Experts: 3 Important Things you’ll learn from these Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker In cooking, you have to prepare the ingredients beforehand. You make sure that they are fresh. While you are in the process of cooking, you check once in while the taste of the meal. You add seasoning until you have acquired the exact taste. This process is parallel in becoming a motivational speaker. You have to prepare beforehand. You choose the words that would impact your audience. You should know your timing and pacing. Your speech should be a package. And in the end, the audience should be inspired.

If you are aspiring to be a motivational speaker, you do not stick to reading how-tos and step-by-step guides. You have to look outside the box. Learn from the motivational speakers today. There are a lot of things that you can learn from them. Here are 3 important lessons you’ll learn from these motivational speakers.

1.Aim a Topic that Would Change People’s Perspective
According to Linda Larsen, a motivational speaker that incorporates humor in her speeches, said that you have to share something valuable – something that would change people’s lives. What does this mean? First, go back to the title, “motivational speaker”. You have to motivate and inspire people.

This is not a mere informative speech nor a demonstrative speech. You are dealing with ideas. Big ideas that would make people realize what you are saying is important. For example, you want to deliver a speech about the importance of being happy. You do not just tell audience, how happy it is to be happy right? Be specific. How will it benefit people? What areas of their lives will change? Will it affect their health? Will they be more productive in work? Will happiness lessen their stress? As much as possible, target the people’s interest. And lastly, you have to remember that your topic should fit the audience age bracket. Never talk about sensitive topics, such as sex and relationship, in front of 12 year old kids. You get the point right?

2.Be Passionate: Your Goal is to Help People Make Wiser Decisions in Life
Have you heard the name Lisa Nichols? She is a motivational speaker featured in different TV shows like Oprah, Extra and Larry King Live. She said that your audience should not just believe what you are saying but they have to stand up and make a decision right away. She had changes the lives of teenagers. In one of her talks about self-esteem, she said to a “big dark woman” who had no confidence, “Do you believe that you have a right to have that body, the size, the look that you want?” This striking question impacts the audience. You have believe that your dreams will happen. Her transparency and passion for her job makes her a motivational and influential speaker.

3.Teach the Fundamentals
Motivational SpeakersJim Rohn is one of the well-known motivational speakers in business. He said that in delivering a speech, especially about business, you have to start in the fundamentals. This technique is a great way to start a series of speeches, especially when you are introducing a new topic. For example, you want to discuss success in entrepreneurial. You have to start discussing the basic disciplines in starting a business so your audience will understand what you are saying. This strategy creates a stronger connection with your audience.

So if you are aspiring to be a motivational speaker, you have to watch videos of these motivational speakers. You will see how they deliver their speech. Study their gestures, movement, pauses, timing and pacing. You will surely be inspired to inspire.


Motivational speakers are well known experts for their entertaining, customized and research driven programs. Making a positive impact through public speaking is the main purpose of the motivational speaker.