In Anticipation Of A Funeral

Funeral Services It is often said that death and taxes are the only two things that are certain in this world. Taxes are certain because they are essential for every government to survive, and without them, the government will not  have sufficient means to support itself in running a country. They are often heralded as the lifeblood of a nation for they bring life to a country and are considered as a country’s blood. In contrast to this life is the fact of death. Death has always been understood as inevitable. Everyone knows that every living thing will eventually pass away someday. It is something dreaded by many, but can never be escaped from.

Though books and movies may have tried to lift people’s hopes with thoughts of immortality or elixirs of life, such are but mere fragments of people’s imagination. They are properly regarded as science fiction since they are not real. People may get carried away in stories, and believe that it is possible to live forever, but they all know deep in the recesses of their hearts and minds that such is impossible. They are left to face the sad reality that in due time, all life in them will end. Their only consolation is the belief that there is something else beyond life, perhaps an afterlife or reincarnation where they can live again.

Equally frightening as the thought of one’s death is the death of a loved one –

When a person passes away, he will leave behind his loved ones who will be heartbroken and devastated. These loved ones will be the ones who will prepare his funeral arrangements for him.
A funeral is a ceremony that is conducted to remember and give respect to the life of a person who died.

How a funeral is conducted depends on a person’s religion, customs and beliefs, but they all eventually lead to the same conclusion – leaving behind the body of the person who died.
This body may be left behind as it is, placed in a coffin and buried under the ground. It may also be cremated, with the ashes being placed in an urn that is kept inside the house, left behind inside a columbarium, or placed inside a crypt in a mausoleum.

As an alternative, the ashes may also be scattered towards the sea or on land –


Usually, the place where the ashes are scattered is deeply associated with the person who passed away or is close to his heart, like a place where the person would have wanted to retire. During the funeral or memorial service, the services of a funeral chapel or home is often enlisted. Their services may be availed of to properly take care and preserve the body that has been left behind. They can also help in transporting the body, but they are more known for handling the memorial service and holding it in their facilities.

Depending on the type of service availed of, they can supply a registry book, prepare thank you or acknowledgement cards and capture the service by means of photos, videos or both, among others. In this time of fragility and need, it is best to choose a good home that will truly take care of your loved ones.

Having a helping hand may be able to lift a big weight off the shoulders of someone who has just lost an important person in his life. He will likely be distraught, distracted, depressed, and might not be able to function well. Friends and family would do well to console one another, and help each other out to the best that they can.

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The memorial service can be held at a funeral, funeral homes, church, or at the family’s home.