Spiked Golf Shoes 101: What’s there to Know?

To be blunt, it is not a mystery in the world of professional golf as to how spiked golf shoes can help the golfer achieve victory. But for those who are just beginning to appreciate the elegance and wonders of golf, information regarding the materials used in making golf footwear can help a lot in making them understand the reason why it is considered an indispensable ally in playing the game.

The Leather Material

golf-shoes Although there are manufacturers that use synthetic or other outer materials, leather is the most popular because of its durability, comfort, and presence or appeal. It is also more breathable compared to other materials.

The leather undergoes a certain process and then it is added to the exterior of the golf footwear. It should be tight-fitting and stretch-free to make the waterproof shoes look more appealing and clean.

There are manufacturers that offer leather golf shoes with durability guarantees. Expect leather shoes to be more expensive because their quality is superior to those made of other materials. Golfers can be sure that they are getting their money’s worth when they go for such footwear.

Linings that are Waterproof

Different manufacturers use different waterproof linings in their golf footwear. The linings are usually tremendously thick, making them effective in keeping water out. Such tough linings are a favorite among golfers, especially among those who often play during winter.

Waterproof materials are rather breathable and comfortable.However, golfers will feel considerably warm while wearing them, especially during winter games. Because of this, it is advisable not to wear a pair of waterproof shoes during summer.

The Synthetic Material

Synthetic is the cheaper substitute for leather. Synthetic leather is non-porous polyester that protects the outer part of the shoes. It is thinner and definitely lighter than leather. Golf footwear made from synthetic leather is less expensive. However, such shoes might not be as breathable as those made of original leather.

Most manufacturers prefer to use other cheaper materials that offer more breathability and comfort. Synthetic materials are now less common when it comes to golf shoes. Rock bottom golf offers A lot of sports shoes at a highly discounted price.

The Spikes

Good traction is essential in playing golf, especially when the golfer swings his or her golf club. The spikes can give the right foothold to the golfer and enable him or her to maintain his or her balance all throughout the game. Well, there are metal and plastic spikes.

golf shoesMetal spikes may provide better anchorage or grip on the ground, but they can be uncomfortable. Most golfers can feel the hard metal underneath their feet, making them ill at ease. The metal spikes are not light, but they are not that heavy. Once a golfer begins to feel tired as the game progresses, it is just a matter of time when he or she begins to drag his or her feet.

Most golfers nowadays prefer the plastic or soft spikes. The plastic spikes are lightweight and will not bring discomfort to the golfer as the game progresses. They are also far less likely to ruin the green golf course. They are easier to change and will flex as the golfer walks to bring comfort to the legs and feet.

Manufacturers are finding ways to enable plastic spikes to give the same traction as metal spikes, and they are slowly making progress on that area. Some people believe that soon, plastic spikes will completely take over and leave metal spikes behind.

Most golf tournaments don’t require any golf footwear to be worn, but every professional golfer knows that wearing a pair of golf shoes can definitely take the way he or she plays his or her game to the next level.